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Neubronners' in the Far East

The family can accurately trace its roots as far back as the 11th century. Since 1281, its family name has evolved from NUMBRUNNER to NEUENBRUNNER to NIWBRONNER and finally, in 1430, to its present family name of NEUBRONNER. Originating from the city of ULM in Germany. The family name is derived from the German word for "spring fountain" (brunnen). Combining this with the German word for "new" (neu), the name "new spring fountain" is derived.



Due to its many contributions to the governance of ULM, the family was elevated to the status of nobility in 1560 when Lorenz Neubronner (1510-1565) was awarded the family coat-of-arms by the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. The theme of the spring fountain can be clearly seen as the emblem.





Main Family Branches

The family in ULM continued to grow and so did its influence. Three more branches emerged each with its own coat-of-arms.



                        Peter & brothers 1563              Neubronn Von Eisenburg 1606            Von Neubronner 1692

                      from Emperor Ferdinand 1                  from Kiser Rudolf 2


Until today, descendants of all four branches still keep in close contact through family reunions and an exclusive family website.


It was a descendant from the Lorenz Neubronner branch who eventually found his way to Malacca in 1789 and began the lineage in the Far East. His name was Johann Anton Neubronner.







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